"Learning to code amongst such a supportive and inspiring community of Latina girls helped me discover a love and passion for coding that I never knew I had!"

Clara A. (Empoder Latinas Code Summer Immersion Program Alumna)

Empoder Latinas Code

Virtual Summer Immersion Program 2021
July 19th - August 6th (Mon-Fri, 9 am - 2 pm)

Open to All Ages (with priority given to rising 7th, 8th and 9th graders) 

* Access to a chromebook/laptop and reliable internet is required to participate in the program. (If you attend school in the Mountain View Whisman School District. the Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD), or Our Lady of Grace Nativity School in San Jose, a chromebook will be provided to you by your school. 

Application is now open! Deadline to apply is July 10th, 2021. However, applications will be reviewed in the order they are received so you are encouraged to Apply Early! 

Empoder Latinas Code is running a free 3-week summer immersion program during the Summer of 2021 intended to increase the pipeline of underrepresented girls who pursue careers in Computer-Science.

Girls will participate in a free 3-week "coding bootcamp" where they will learn HTML, CSS and Java-Script to design and code their own website. Program participants will also have the chance to participate in leadership development and empowerment workshops, as well as college and career panels from Latinas and Women of Color who represent various careers across Computer-Science.

While admission is open to all, priority will be giving to the following: ​

  • Girls from underserved communities who qualify for free/reduced lunch

  • Girls who identify as Latina, Black or an Indigenous person of color 

Applications for Empoder Latinas Code 2021 Summer Immersion Program are now CLOSED

What our students and parents have to say...


“Even though I grew up in Silicon Valley, it never crossed my mind that computer-science was something for me. I ride the same bus as the people who work in tech, but when the bus stops, they go one way and I go the other way. Tech was seemed like a completely different world that didn’t relate to me at all. But when Marissa spoke about computer-science in our Avid class something made me want to give it a try. I figured it couldn’t hurt. 

Things changed when I started Empoder. The way we learned made sense to me and things started to click. I slowly started to love it and pretty soon I couldn’t put down my computer as I was so caught up and fascinated by the website I was building. 

If it wasn’t for Empoder I never would have gone into Computer-Science. Now it’s my passion. I just finished the Google Software Product Sprint program and this summer I’m off to NYC as a technology analyst intern for Goldman Sachs. Empoder has truly changed the trajectory of my life and future.”

~Mary Mendoza (Empoder Latinas Code Alumna)

paula garcia.jpg

“As a first generation DACA recipient I honestly never thought about computer science before Empoder. Growing up in Silicon Valley I never saw representation of people that looked like me working in tech. Having no experience in programming or computer science Empoder gave me the tools I needed and confidence to enroll in AP CS in high school and actually pursue a degree at UCSC as a Computer Science major."

~Paula Garcia (Empoder Latinas Code Summer Immersion Program Alumna)


"Learning to code at Empoder amongst such a supportive and inspiring community of  Latina girls sparked my passion for computer-science and motivated me to pursue this in high-school. As one of the only girls in my high-school computer science classes (and the only Latina), Empoder gave me the confidence to know that not only do I belong, but I also have the ability to be a leader in this field. It is the reason why I am off to college to be a computer engineer!"

~Clara A. (Empoder Latinas Code Summer Immersion Program Alumna)


“Even though I grew up in Silicon Valley, it never crossed my mind that computer science was something for me. No one I knew did it and it seemed like a foreign world. But when I started Empoder I realized I was good at code. It felt so cool to create things with just a few lines of code. It made me feel so capable, a feeling I did not have often before. I then went on to become President of my middle school Robotics team as one of the only girls!”

~Adriana Guerrero (Empoder Latinas Code Summer Immersion Program Alumna)


"Empoder not only introduced my daughters to Computer Science but also made them feel confident and competent in a field dominated by mostly men. My daughters came home so excited every day by what they had learned and wouldn't stop talking about what they were learning in class. They realized they are just as gifted and talented in Science and Math as the boys. The impact of this program was so big my oldest daughter is now studying to be an Electrical Engineer in college!”

~Patricia Akhlaghi-Caballero (Mother of 2 Empoder Girls Code Summer Immersion Program Alumna)