Empowering Communities of Color through Code

Empoder (meaning to empower in spanish) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2014 with the passionate belief that to truly and meaningfully increase the pipeline of diversity in tech, and to shrink the wage gap and most efficiently create a more equitable world, we must provide more accessible opportunities for youth from underserved communities to discover and cultivate their talent in computer-science from a young age. 

From 2014-2016 we piloted before-school, after-school, evening, weekend and summer immersion programs for underserved youth in Mexico and Silicon Valley serving a total of 500+ students all from underrepresented backgrounds. 

Five years later, 70% of girls who participated in our middle school girls summer immersion program (all underserved, Latina girls who qualified for free/reduced lunch) have gone on to take Computer-Science in high-school. Moreover, 60% of our summer immersion program alumna who are now in college are majoring in Computer-Science. **This is especially significant, considering 1% of all Latina girls take computer-science in high-school and 1% of all computer-science majors in college are Latina. 

In 2021, Empoder is committed to growing and scaling our efforts to empower more underserved girls to pursue careers in Computer-Science, by piloting a virtual version of our flagship Summer Immersion Program.